The Culture of Sexism Ignacio L. Gotz

ISBN: 9780275965662

Published: October 30th 1999


144 pages


The Culture of Sexism  by  Ignacio L. Gotz

The Culture of Sexism by Ignacio L. Gotz
October 30th 1999 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 144 pages | ISBN: 9780275965662 | 3.80 Mb

Most contemporary analyses of sexism focus on economic, social, and political inequalities and suggest appropriate remedies. In contrast, Gotz argues that sexism arises, at least in part, out of a subconscious male envy of womens capacity to receive.

He refers to this as womb envy. The obvious ground of this envy is the realization by the growing boy that women have something he lacks.Gotz documents this subconscious envy as reference to a variety of mythological motifs, fairy tales, and religious beliefs, including theological constructs. His study is cross-cultural, though special emphasis is placed on Western traditions.

The importance of mythology, especially, is the fact that it bears witness to peoples real beliefs, and that it does so for a considerably long period of time. Thus myths become a good proof of the hypothesis of womb envy. Gotz also explores briefly some psychological mechanisms operative in the formation of womb envy, and he examines schooling as one institution that has perpetuated the womb envy that is so much a part of sexism.

A provocative analysis, this will be of interest to the general public as well as scholars and researchers involved with Womens and Religious Studies, education, psychology, and philosophy.

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